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dBs Pro intern adjust the sound on our Korg MS-2O
Creative Director Jay Auborn setting up for a recording session
Rack of studio outboard

Not only do we provide industry-relevant training and qualifications, in 2017 we began a new venture - our very own creative audio company, dBs Pro.

Based in Bristol and run by dBs alumnus Jay Auborn, dBs Pro provides students from all dBs campuses with regular opportunities to work alongside clients on real-world commercial recording and creative audio projects. In 2021-22, we secured 88 unique placements for our students and graduates across a plethora of creative works.

Run like a not-for-profit, dBs Pro’s commercial income is reinvested back into its development. Thanks to the hard work of our students and staff, what started as a studio with only a laptop and a soundcard, now looks like this…

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Originally focusing on recording music and audio projects, the dBs Pro portfolio has grown exponentially, and to date, has been commissioned to deliver film scores, game soundtracks, post-production for film and television, immersive soundscapes for audiobooks, interactive systems for installations, audio programming for video games and much more.

Once our students graduate, not only do they have a degree, they also have a list of credits and a professional network too. Many have gone on to land roles within the creative industry and forge long-lasting working relationships with clients as a direct result of their involvement with dBs Pro.
“dBs Pro offered me direct paid working opportunities that have really helped me develop my professional career. The contacts made through dBs Pro provided me with my main sound engineer job, which is an ongoing role and my main source of income.”
- Giorgio Cortiana dBs alumnus
“This project [Window] was a perfect opportunity to use techniques that we have been honing and developing in our classes at dBs.”
- Louis Marcell, student on MA Innovation in Sound
"I think it's amazing that dBs can provide these sorts of opportunities. Having worked on this project [When I Killed the Cat], as well as one for the BBC New Creatives initiative, and having an institution that actively seeks out these opportunities, it's honestly amazing.”
- Rob Kivits, dBs alumnus
“We all had a fantastic time working on this project and I was thrilled to see how well it did upon its release! I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity thanks to dBs Pro. I learned a lot of valuable industry skills that I can apply both in my studio work and professionally. I really hope to be able to work on a similar project in the future.”
- Joe Valek, dBs alumnus