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dBs Institute

Grid of smiley dBs faces
Grid of smiley dBs faces
Grid of smiley dBs faces

Our Mission

We believe in the power of sound and creative technology to change people's lives.

As a leading provider of creative and technical education our mission is to nurture the imagination, creativity and technical skills of our students by providing them with the highest quality educational experience, empowering them to go on to change the world.

Our Values

Chris Pratt - dBs Tutor creating using Ableton Live

Never Settle

We believe the future lies in pushing boundaries and exploring what is possible.

Stronger Together

We celebrate individuality, welcome diversity, and encourage collaboration - it makes us stronger!

A group of students engaging in a lecture
Female tutor helps a young women with her modular setup

Bring Your Best

We act with kindness, integrity, humility, and respect, in everything we do.

Our Culture

At dBs Institute, we're always on the lookout for new opportunities to learn and grow. Our culture is built on a hunger to experiment and explore.

Student and staff collaborating on electronic music performance

A culture of collaboration

We are a group of skilled professionals who are passionate about our work and continually looking for ways to make it better. By encouraging collaboration, we can develop the best experience for our students.

Experiencing 'Between Us' on Magic Leap

An environment that encourages growth

As we embrace change, we also challenge ourselves to think differently and come up with new ways of doing things. This never-ending quest for innovation is what drives us forward every day.

A group of students and staff relax and chat in our Bristol common area

A community that cares

dBs Institute is a diverse and ambitious community where we share ideas, experiences, and knowledge in order to grow. We believe in each other, and in ourselves. We are committed and passionate about our company, our students, and our staff.

Current Vacancies

Join the team.
Join the dBs community.

A team that inspires you

You will never feel like your voice doesn’t matter, or that your contributions are too small. We’re better together and we want you to thrive.

Join the journey

It’s not just about landing a job — it’s about embarking on a journey where you can grow, learn and be supported. We want to grow with you, so come work with us!

We've got your back

We're committed to making sure you have everything you need so you can succeed.

Always looking

We are looking for creative and innovative professionals who want to discard the status quo and redefine what it means to be an educator in today's world, if you feel you would excel with dBs then please get in touch and tell us why. Even if a role is not presently available, you may convince us that we need to create one!

Our People

Our team is a diverse group of individuals with a shared passion for creativity, new technologies and innovation. Meet a few of them.

  • Ellie Goldsack

    Ellie Goldsack

    Head of Centre Bristol

    Not only is Ellie an exceptional vocalist and accomplished flautist, she knows how to organise an excellent work social.

  • Oli Brand

    Oli Brand

    Head of Learning and Teaching Innovation

    When not tinkering away with hardware synths, you’ll most likely find Oli on his bike covering ridiculous distances without breaking a sweat.

  • Alice Wyatt

    Alice Wyatt

    Head of Marketing

    With a love for all things creative, digital and analytical, Alice’s passion for organic growth continues outside the office in her newly acquired allotment

  • Stu Welsh

    Stu Welsh

    Higher Education Course Leader & Quality Lead

    An analogue recording expert who has taught with dBs for almost 20 years, Stu also enjoys cracking open and hacking electronic devices.

  • Alex Smith§

    Alex Smith

    Employability & Engagement Coach

    A trained life and careers coach, Alex is most at home outdoors whether that’s wild swimming or skiing one of the world’s many mountain peaks.