Our Facilities

We know it takes more than exceptional equipment and state-of-the-art facilities to make a stand-out creative professional – but it certainly helps!
Students working on iMac's in our Plymouth centre
Wide shot of dBs Bristols live room with synths setup ready to record
Students working at our API desk in dBs Manchester

Our ethos is to give you the best possible experience of the industry so that when it comes to entering your chosen career, you're ready for what's out there. Equipped with industry-standard facilities, as well as ground-breaking new technologies, our campuses have been meticulously designed to mirror the industry; giving you the ultimate environment to hone your skills, collaborate with creative professionals and learn from experts in the field.Get ready to be inspired by our state-of-the-art facilities, industry-standard equipment and collaborative spaces built for breaking boundaries.

All Campuses

  • Recording studios

    Each of our campuses is equipped with multiple cutting-edge recording studio spaces. From intimate to expansive, we’ve designed each studio to meet the demands of the modern producer / engineer and provide you with a learning environment that mirrors what you will find in the audio industry, with professional-grade hardware from the likes of API, Neve, SSL, Audient and Trident.

  • Live rooms and microphones

    Whether it’s an intimate vocal, frenetic 3-piece band or epic string ensemble, our live rooms are equipped for any project. Complemented by fixed and moveable acoustic baffles and our vast selection of microphones including Neumann, Shure, AKG, Coles, Røde, Sennheiser and Sontronics, you’ll have complete flexibility in how you capture your ideas

  • Production suites

    Bristol & Manchester

    Offering the perfect space for you to focus on creating ideas for your future tracks, our production suites are kitted out with a Mac Mini, speakers, hardware effects and pre-patched instruments, allowing you to spend more time generating ideas and less on setup.

  • DJ suites


    When it comes to assembling the perfect set, you can’t go wrong with the DJ suites. Complete with Pioneer CDJs, Technics turntables and Allen & Heath mixers, you can craft and hone your mix before taking it to the stage.

  • iMac suites

    Utilising high-powered iMac computers, you’ll learn using the latest versions of Ableton Live and Logic Pro X, as well as a suite of plugins from the likes of Native Instruments, iZotope and FabFilter, where you can develop, mix and finalise your productions. These spaces are complemented with audio interfaces from Native Instruments and Focusrite and a range of MIDI keyboard controllers.

  • Specialist spaces

    Our specialist spaces include a spatial audio room with an 8.1 speaker array that delivers 360° sound and allows you to create innovative performances and audio-visual works; Dolby Atmos production suites for immersive post-production and purpose-built venue spaces for our Live Sound students to learn and develop their skills. There’s no shortage of space at dBs Institute to push your creative boundaries and master your niche.

  • Gaming suites

    Bristol & Manchester

    Whether it’s designing characters, creating concept art or level design, you’ll create work using high-end, custom-built gaming PCs, equipped with top-of-the-range graphics cards and CPU, mechanical keyboards, plus enough RAM to be as ambitious as you want with the scale of your projects.

  • Game development
    hardware and software

    Bristol & Manchester

    On those gaming PCs, you’ll find an array of software at your fingertips including Unreal Engine 5, Unity, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere and Substance 3D), sideFX Houdini and Blender. This is complemented by game audio middlewares Wwise and FMOD. You’ll be able to create realistic animations using our Perception Neuron 3 motion capture system and explore the possibilities of mixed-reality using our range of VR and AR headsets.



A wide shot at the API control room at dBs Bristol

Recording Studios and Live Rooms

A close-up shot of our post-production studio at dBs Bristol

Studio 1

Studio 1 is our post-production suite which features a 5.1 PMC surround sound system, Avid S1 controller and iMac computer. While this space is designed for post-production for film and television, it can be used for any form of mixing project, and thanks to its 5.1 setup has proven useful for electronic producers when referencing their tracks for club sound systems.

A student working on Pro Tools in Studio 2 at dBs Bristol

Studios 2 & 4

Studios 2 and 4 are equipped with the Audient ASP4816 mixing console, hardware effects from Warm Audio and Lexicon, KRK VXT 8 / Genelec 8350A SAM™ Studio Monitors and Pro Tools HD I/O. Studio 4 operates as the control room for our first live room, which is also our Foley suite. The space can be used for Foley and instrument recording.

Studio 3

A closeup of the API 1608 mixing consolesMic_ing up a drum kit in the Studio 3 live room at dBs BristolA wide shot of the Studio 3 control room at dBs Bristol featuring the API 1608 mixing deskA wide shot of the Studio 3 live room filled with synthesisers at dBs Bristol

Studio 3 is home to our API 1608 mixing console - we’re the only educational institute to have this desk in the UK!
In this advanced studio, you’ll A/B test your mixes with monitors from Genelec and Adam Audio, and add character to your tracks using hardware effects from Universal Audio, TC Electronic, Kush and Warm Audio.  

Studio 3 has the largest live room in dBs Bristol, which is equipped with a drum kit, upright piano, baffles and amp enclosures.

Studio 5

Studio 5 is our starter studio and acts as your entry studio upon joining dBs. Featuring an 8-channel SSL X-Desk mixing console, KRK VXT8 monitors and a Universal Audio interface, this space is the perfect way for you to become familiar with working in a studio environment.

Studio 5 at dBs Bristol

Studio 6

A closeup of the SSL Duality Delta mixing desk
An overhead shot of the SSL Duality Delta mixing desk and outboard effects rack at dBs BristolA mic_d up drum kit in the Studio 6 live room at dBs BristolA wide shot of the SSL Duality Delta mixing console at dBs Bristol

In Studio 6, you’ll find our largest desk; the 24-channel SSL Duality Delta. Alongside this desk are a pair of the iconic Yamaha NS10M monitors as well as Neumann’s KH 10 A monitors. Housed in a bespoke outboard cabinet, you’ll find units from Warm Audio, Vermona, Empirical Labs and Bricasti to name a few. Covered completely in acoustic treatment, Studio 6’s live room offers a unique sonic profile for you to experiment with.

One of our production suites at dBs Bristol, including Mac Mini, KRK monitors, modular synths and drum machines.

Production Suites

Our five production suites are the perfect place for you to generate new ideas for your tracks. These spaces are all equipped with a Mac mini computer and a selection of pre-patched instruments so that you can dive straight into creating.

The suites feature pre-amps from Neve and Midas, Eurorack modules from Erica Synths, MakeNoise and Expert Sleepers, as well as semi-modular synths from Moog, Korg and Novation. Our synthesisers include the Prophet ‘08, Korg Prologue, Sequential OB-6, Roland System-8, Korg Minilogue and MS-20. You will also find sequencers, drum machines and samplers from Elektron and Arturia.

Further Teaching Spaces

The live sound hall at dBs Bristol

Live Sound Hall

Found in our Location House campus, the Live Sound Hall is our dedicated venue space where our Live Sound students can learn in an industry-spec’d environment using the best equipment available from Allen & Heath, Yamaha and d&b Audiotechnik.

One our iMac computer suites at dBs Bristol, featuring Ableton Push 2 controllers and Native Instruments Komplete MIDI keyboards and interfaces.

iMac suites

Bristol has four iMac suites where you will develop your skills using softwares such as Ableton Live, Pro Tools and Logic Pro X. Each computer is paired with a 25-key MIDI controller and audio interface.

Our 60-seat lecture theatre at dBs Bristol

Lecture Theatre

Located in our Mitchell Lane building, this 60-seat space is equipped with a 5.1 Genelec surround sound system, projector and large screen.

A wide shot of the Dolby Atmos suite at dBs Bristol

Dolby Atmos suite

Calibrated by Dolby themselves, we are the first UK-based higher education institute to integrate Dolby Atmos spatial audio mixing into the curriculum. Powered by a 7.1.4 PMC speaker system, you’ll run projects through a high-spec Mac Studio and Avid S4 mixing console; gaining a greater understanding of immersive audio and developing skills that will allow you to work on more ambitious post-production projects.

The spatial audio lab at dBs Bristol featuring an 8.1 ADAM Audio speaker system

Spatial Audio Room

In the Spatial Audio Room, you will discover the power of 360° audio in all its forms. The room features an 8.1 Adam Audio surround sound system, a projector and screen for visuals, and a wide range of tools for making and sharing immersive experiences.

A close up internal shot of a custom built PC lite by LED's

Gaming suite

In our gaming suite, you’ll find dual monitors, Wacom Intuos Pro creative pen tablets and custom-built gaming PCs featuring Intel Core i9 12900KF Processor, 32GB SODIMM DDR4 Corsair Vengeance memory, GeForce RTX 3070 Ti graphics card and WD SN570 1TB SSD; running softwares including Unreal Engine 5, Unity, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Suite and Blender. You will also be able to use real-world performance for your games using our Perception Neuron 3 mo-cap kits and create interactive experiences using our mixed-reality headsets.


Wide shot of Manchesters New Centry hall

Recording Studios and Live Rooms

Two students recording in the Neve Pro Suite at dBs Manchester

Spec’d to the same high standards as our Bristol and Plymouth campuses, dBs Manchester is equipped with five recording studios, a large live room and two recording booths.

Each studio comes with its own personality, thanks largely to the diverse mix of consoles you’ll be using. No studio features the same desk, and you will develop your skills and understanding of what each has to offer, both sonically and in its workflow, thereby equipping yourself with a broad skill set.

You’ll learn with the Trident 68, SSL Matrix 2 and API The Box 2 mixing consoles, which will be your entry point upon joining dBs, where you will begin to build the fundamental skills of recording and mixing.

You’ll mix using PMC Result6 monitors, which is complemented by hardware from Warm Audio, API, DBX and Neve, plus an array of hardware synths and controllers including the U.D.O Audio Super 6, Moog Sub 37, Korg Minilogue, Sequential Prophet-6, Ableton Push 2 and Behringer RD-9 and RD-8 mini.

As well as being fully-featured recording studios, these spaces are perfect for developing new ideas for your tracks.

Close up of effects rack including some Drawmer, Empirical Labs, Bricasti and Manley units
The Pro Suite live room at dBs Manchester

When it comes to capturing sound, you can choose from our huge selection of microphones that range from the Shure SM57/58, Beta 52A and SM7B, AKG C414, Coles 4038, Sennheiser E904, Røde NT1-A, Neumann KM 184 and many more. 

Outside of these typical recording studio spaces is the Pro Suite; a multi-functional space designed for critical listening, recording and mixing demonstrations. It’s here that you’ll find the Neve Genesys Black G32 mixing desk, which is complemented by a pair of ATC SCM25A monitors, and hardware effects from Drawmer, Empirical Labs, Bricasti and Manley.

Setting up the Neve Genesys for a recording session at dBs Manchester

Further Teaching Spaces

Inside the Dolby Atmos suite featuring a 7.1.4 PMC speaker system at dBs Institute, Manchester

Dolby Atmos suite

For projects for the screen or immersive works we have the Dolby Atmos suite. ​​Calibrated by Dolby themselves, we are the first UK-based higher education institute to integrate Dolby Atmos spatial audio mixing into the curriculum.

Powered by a 7.1.4 PMC 6 speaker array and controlled with the cutting-edge Avid S4 mixing console, you can work on an array of post-production projects using this innovative surround sound system.

Inside the venue at dBs Manchester

The venue

The top floor of New Century is home to a 1300-capacity venue, which when not scheduling an eclectic mix of live events, operates as a practical learning space for our Live Sound students. 

dBs is physically linked to the venue via 2 x 8 OM4 optic fibre cables, which allows the transfer of multi-channel audio for broadcast, live recording and multi-track recording for mixing at a later stage, giving our students a diverse range of genres and setups to hone their skills. We’re currently in the process of installing a Dante AoIP network, which will allow studios to receive multi-camera feeds for monitoring and live video production for multimedia events such as e-sports; as well as being able to patch between any room via the network.

The lecture theatre at dBs Manchester

Lecture Theatre

Our 40-seat lecture theatre is where you will engage in seminars, discussions and guest lectures; and it is equipped with a 2.1 PMC speaker system, 4K projector and screen, and live streaming setup.

Inside one of our iMac suites at dBs Manchester

IT suites

Outside of our practical spaces, you will learn in our high-spec IT suites. Audio-based degree students will learn on iMac computers and develop their understanding of software such as Ableton Live, Logic Pro X and Pro Tools, working with a host of plugins such as Komplete 14, Serum, Massive, Ozone 10 and Melodyne.

A class of students in one of our computer suites at dBs Manchester

Gaming suites

ASUS’ ROG GA35 high-end gaming PC and F17 laptops provide the foundations for our state-of-the-art gaming suites. Spec’d out with software from Autodesk’s Maya, Visual Studio, Python 3.1, Unreal Engine, Unity, Zbrush and Adobe Suite, you will be able to realise your unique creative vision. You will also be able to use real-world performance for your games using our Perception Neuron 3 mo-cap kits and create interactive experiences using our mixed-reality headsets.


dBs Plymouth neve studio

Recording Studios and Live Rooms

Inside the Dart Suite at dBs Plymouth

We have 7 recording studio spaces and two live rooms at our Plymouth campus.

The first recording studio is the Dart Suite on the ground floor of our Higher Lane campus, which features the Allen and Heath ZED-R16 mixing desk, KRK VXT 6 monitors, Yamaha PSR-S900 MIDI keyboard and hardware effects from Alesis, Behringer and Samson. As well as being a recording studio, the Dart Suite also functions as a computer suite.

On the first floor, you will find our HD Studios, SSL Room and HD Live Room.

HD Studios 1 and 3 share a common setup, where you’ll be working with the Audient ASP4816 mixing console. You’ll work with a variety of monitors, including the Dynaudio LYD-7, Adam Audio A8X, Quested S6 and KRK VXT8 and capture audio using the Universal Audio Apollo 16 (HD Studio 1) and the Avid HD 16x16 interface (HD Studio 3).

You’ll also utilise hardware effects such as the Trident MTA-A Range, Roland MKS-80 and MPG-80 programmer, and instruments and controllers including the Studio Logic SL-990, Casio CZ-1, Novation KS5, Roland Juno-DI and System 8.

A tutor and student producing a project in Logic Pro X in the Audient studio at dBs Plymouth
Inside HD Studio 2 at dBs Plymouth

Similarly, HD Studios 2 and 4 offer a similar production environment. Equipped with the smaller, 8-channel SSL X-Desk, consider these studios as your entry point to dBs. While monitors differ, with the KRK VXT6 in HD Studio 2 and the Genelec 1030A in HD Studio 4, the hardware effects and instruments are largely identical.

Effects include units fromAudient, DBX, Lexicon, MOTU, TL Audio and Trident. As for synths, you’ll get hands-on with the Novation KS5, Roland Juno-DI, Korg Triton, and Waldorf Blofeld.

The top floor is home to our cutting-edge Neve Suite, which is where you will find our beloved Neve Genesys mixing console and spacious live room, complete with our Studer B67 Tape Machine. Featuring theatre seating, it’s an invaluable learning space for both lessons and guest lectures.

The Neve Genesys pro suite at dBs Plymouth
The Pro Suite live room at dBs Plymouth (2)

Each of the live rooms is equipped with a full drum kit, amplifiers from Orange, Ampeg, Vox and Fender, upright pianos and keyboards; and you can book from an array of microphones including the Rode NT-SF1 SoundField Ambisonic microphone, Neumann U87ai, AKG C414, AKG C451, Sennheiser MD421, Coles 4038. 

Our HD Live Room, on the first floor, is linked to each HD studio by 14 separate lines allowing up to 14 microphones to be multi-tracked simultaneously. Headphone mixes and talk-back can be sent to anyone in this live room from any one of the HD studios.

SSL Studio and Atmos Mixing Suite

At the end of the first floor is our SSL and Atmos Mixing Suite, where you will find the Solid State Logic AWS924 Delta mixing console and Focal 7.1.4 Atmos speaker system.

Suitable for both stereo and Dolby Atmos mixing, it’s here that you’ll explore the exciting world of immersive audio and develop your skills using cutting-edge equipment.

Students using Plymouth's SSL-based Atmos Mixing suite
a dBs Plymouth in DJ booth with synths and sound modules

DJ suites

On the second floor you will find 7 DJ suites. Each room is operated with an iMac computer and KRK monitors. You will get hands-on with a selection of DJ controllers and mixers including the Pioneer CDJ 900 Nexus, Pioneer DJM 900, Pioneer DJ controller DDJ-SX2 and Allen & Heath Xone 43c mixer, plus Technics 1210 turntables and a large selection of vinyl. These spaces also come equipped with Ableton Push and Novation controllers; perfect for taking your set from the studio to the stage.

Further Teaching Spaces

There are 4 iMac suites spread across our two Plymouth HE buildings housing over 150 iMac computers where you will develop your understanding and proficiency with software such as Ableton Live, Pro Tools and Logic Pro X.

Each computer is paired with a 25-key MIDI controller and audio interface and features a suite of software effects and virtual instruments.

Students working on Logic Pro X in the iMac suite at dBs Plymouth (2) copy