Harry Thomas - Production Assistant

Harry Thomas

BA (Hons)

Production Assistant

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Harry Thomas - Production Assistant
When not behind the camera or in the editing suite, you’ll find Harry producing his next bass banger under his moniker, PHAASE.

What did you do before joining dBs?

"I had a few different jobs before working at dBs. Most notably, alongside my degree I worked as a waiter & backline chef while simultaneously running weekly music production workshops at a school for children with autism, where I’d teach recording and arranging in Logic."

Why did you first get into video creation?

"I’ve always been involved with video creation from a kid producing and editing gaming videos for YouTube to creating teaser trailers and music videos for friends when I was a student. I enjoyed taking raw footage and turning it into something creative through use of visual effects. This journey has taken me through all different software packages including Fraps (throwback!), OBS, ScreenFlow, Vegas, After Effects, Premiere and most recently Final Cut."

Any special areas of interest?

"When I started I would say editing video. I’ve always had this passion and it’s great to learn new techniques and software throughout my work at dBs. I’ve also been getting more involved with filming and learning techniques to get a better shot, improving my general camera skills."

What do you love most about what you do?

"I love being in an environment like dBs, where other creatives from all different scenes and backgrounds are able to inspire me to create, whether it’s music, engineering, video, visuals or something completely different.

"From editing our online course material, I’ve picked up a lot of skills and now understand some topics I didn’t previously, helping my own personal development within music production, audio engineering and video creation. I also love working in a team, finding solutions to different problems we find in our editing workflow and making improvements to the way we work."

Tell us about your proudest career moment?

"With music, my biggest achievement is probably getting my track played on BBC Radio 1 through BBC Introducing. This felt like a real career milestone for me and was a turning point for me genre-wise, as I’d started getting more into Drum and Bass.

"In terms of filming and editing, finishing editing a music video for the first time felt like a great achievement. Although I didn’t film any of the footage for it, I put a lot of effort into the editing and VFX, and was proud of how it came out."

What do you get up to outside of your role at dBs?

"I spend a lot of my time outside of dBs in studio sessions, working on my own music and growing my online presence. Collaborating with other artists has become a big part of my life lately, usually with vocalists either as features on my own tracks, or engineering for their projects.

"I go to a lot of music social events around Bristol such as Escher and Bristol Beat Social, so I’m always networking with other musicians and finding inspiration for my own music."

Tell us something our students may not know about you?

"I used to be a student at dBs! I started on a level 3 course and progressed on to the BA (Hons) Electronic Music Production course in Bristol. I found these courses great for networking and some of the friends I met on them I still talk to today."

I love being in an environment like dBs, where other creatives from all different scenes and backgrounds are able to inspire me to create

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