A photo of Matt Radley DJing

Matt Radley


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A photo of Matt Radley DJing
From metal guitarist to dance DJ and sound designer, Matt Radley has long been a source of inspiration and insight for our students

What did you do before joining dBs?  

Prior to joining dBs, I was working various jobs such as labouring for a builder and also as a phone operator at my parent’s taxi company whilst studying at university and developing myself as a producer and DJ.

Why did you first get into DJing an electronic music production?

I was a guitarist in a metal band during school, but as I came of age and started to go clubbing I discovered Hardstyle, which hooked me straight away. From that point on, I got into DJing and eventually wanted to start learning to produce my own music to play out in the clubs.

Any special areas of interest?

I love sound design, specifically with synthesisers. They are wonderfully infinite, which means every time I use one the end result is different. I also love football and spending time with my family and friends.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love the fact that I get to be creative and express myself. I don’t know what could possibly be better than that in life.

Tell us about your proudest career moment?

I have too many to choose from to be honest, however there a couple of standouts. The first time I signed to a major label, the owners invited me onstage in front of 30,000 people to play our collab. The second is having a track of mine used in the closing ceremony at the main stage of huge festival in Holland. Seeing my track synchronised with fireworks, lasers and pyrotechnics in front of 20,000 people was pretty special.

What do you get up to outside of your role at dBs?

I am currently undertaking a Master's in Sound Design for Video Games as this is what I want to focus on more in the future. It’s all about continuous development and evolution. Learning new skills is amazing and is something that should be done continuously.

Tell us something our students may not know about you?

I love DIY. I spend so much time locked away in a studio pushing buttons and turning pots that getting out in the garden and building a pizza over or renovating a kitchen is something I thoroughly enjoy. I have also got into BBQ/smoking over the past couple of years and intend on fabricating myself a new smoker this year.

I love the fact that I get to be creative and express myself. I don’t know what could possibly be better than that in life.

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