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Taught using cutting-edge software on industry-standard equipment, our Game & Digital Technologies degrees help you master the skills you need to become a game industry professional. We’ll help you identify your specialism, learn creative techniques within your chosen discipline and build a portfolio of work that will get you hired. Collaboration is a cornerstone of these degree programmes and you’ll work alongside students in our sister degrees on projects that reflect life in the industry.

Which degree should I choose?

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Game Development: Programming

Understand the mechanics behind the gaming experience with our Game Development: Programming degree. Using scientific and mathematical principles, you’ll learn how to engineer the systems that make video games so addictive and fun to play and master the techniques, tools and principles that professional game developers use in the industry. You will also embark on collaborative project work with Game Art to create a working game, app or software development tool that could be sold commercially.

A women creates graphics for a shooting game on a iMac

Game Art

Translate your artistic skills onto new digital tools and cutting-edge software to create game-ready assets, characters and environments by studying our Game Art degree. You will learn how to draw game concept art and then bring it to life using a suite of professional-grade 3D sculpting tools and systems. Working with Game Development: Programming students, you’ll also create a collaborative major project that could be sold commercially.

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