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A student records location sound using a boom mike in a urban road tunnel

The sound and audio specialist degree programmes at dBs span the divide between sound, art, engineering, technology and visual media. If you’re interested in getting ‘under the bonnet’ of sound, music or composition, these undergraduate pathways are made for you. You’ll learn the technical and practical skills to compose, design and engineer sound for a range of platforms; in the studio, for the screen and live events. Gaining experience in the industry is at the forefront of these programmes and you’ll have ample opportunities to work in the industry and master the tools to start your career when you graduate.

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​​Music and Sound for Film and TV

Do you have a passion for film and TV as well as a talent for composition? If so, our Music & Sound for Film & TV pathway is made for you. You’ll learn a wide range of composition and creative audio production techniques and how to implement them into a variety of forms of visual media. You will also develop practical and theoretical approaches to recording, sound design and post-production and put everything you learn into practice during real-world briefs.

A student records a train using a mobile recording device

Sound Design

Sound Design is one of the most dynamic and adaptable degree programmes we offer, bringing together the most alluring parts of art, science, technology and sound to equip you with everything you need to work in the rapidly evolving audio industry. The skills you will master with our Sound Design degree course can help to prepare you for a career as a music producer or as a sound artist within film, TV, games, animation or apps.

Two young women using the Yamaha CL5 mixing console

Live Sound

If you like to get your hands dirty, love playing with sound equipment and prefer practical study to academia, our Live Sound degree is perfect. The course leaders have plenty of industry connections and will give you the skills needed to progress onto a successful career. You will learn about mixing technology, acoustics, modern speaker systems, sound system optimisation, live sound production, elevate your listening skills and hone your professional practice. Many of our Live Sound students work while they study, so you’ll also get opportunities to be on the road putting what you learn into practice.

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