Plymouth Accommodation Guide

dBs Institute does not have its own accommodation and new students will need to secure housing through private accommodation. Plymouth is home to a variety of accommodation options for new students, which you can find detailed in our downloadable accommodation guide.

To better understand how to find the right accommodation for you, we’ve curated a comprehensive guide of accommodation options, the key benefits of student halls and private housing, plus tips on how you can find housemates and get additional support in your search.

dBs Institutes guide to student accommodation in Manchester 2023

Plymouth Accommodation Guide

Find The Right Accommodation For You

Student Halls

Renting private student halls is an ideal choice for first year students for a number of reasons:

  • Facilities are located in the city centre
  • A wide range of accommodation types available (studio apartment, en-suite room, room in a shared flat)
  • All of the rooms are fully furnished
  • Facilities have entertaining common areas such as games and TV rooms, gym, etc.
  • Student halls run social events
  • All bills included

House Shares

For those who want to find accommodation in groups of 3+ people or a room in a shared house, there are a number of letting agencies that specialise in properties for students that will help you find the best accommodation to suit your needs.

We can also put you in touch with other students who are looking for housemates.

We've put together a comprehensive guide of recommendations for a variety of accommodation options to help you with your search.

Additional Support

Screenshoot of the dBs Institute discord server login box


Applicants who are holding on an offer to study with dBs will be invited to join the dBs Institute Applicant Hub on Discord. This is the best place to meet with other applicants and find housemates. Using the accommodation thread you can speak with others looking for housing and set up private groups within Discord to share potential houses and organise viewings.

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In addition to the support that dBs offers, students can also get support from our accommodation partner, HYBR. Acting as the go-between for students and landlords, HYBR can introduce you to housemates, share exclusive housing options, support with viewing properties, informing you of your rights as a student tenant and much more.

Why we love Plymouth

Plymouth is a unique destination for university students and we imagine that’s why you’ve chosen it as your home while you study with us. Rich in culture, Plymouth is not only home to fantastic live venues, such as THÊ DEPØ and Pavillions, but also phenomenal restaurants and some hard-to-beat scenery.

A bike leaning up against some railings looking over the Barbican on a sunny day

Here's a few reasons why we think Plymouth is an amazing place to live and study:

The creative advantages of being so close to nature

Nestled by the coast, next to the stunning Dartmoor National Park, Plymouth is a stone's throw away from some truly outstanding areas of natural beauty. While this might be a 'nice to have' for some, there are also tangible creative advantages of having regular access to nature, not to mention benefits for your mental wellbeing.

A (sea)food lover’s paradise

If you love good food, especially seafood, Plymouth has got you covered. Fresh fish lands in the harbour every day and areas like the historic Barbican and Royal William yard are home to an impressive array of restaurants and bars. What's more, you can take a water taxi between the two as well.

Discover new activities

Plymouth is Britain's ‘Ocean City’ and with that comes access to a range of recreational activities centred around living near the sea. Students staying close to dBs and the city centre are within walking distance from the waterfront at Plymouth Hoe. Swimming is free all year round and other activities like sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, scuba diving, snorkelling, power boating, windsurfing and more are available.

The recommendations don’t stop there! For more of our favourite spots, check out our student guide to Plymouth.