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dBs tutor teaching a class in our SSL room at our Bristol campus
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Our postgraduate degree programmes are designed to help you monetise your skills, push the boundaries in your chosen specialism and develop projects that will help you forge viable career paths. With a keen focus on the industry, you will expand your knowledge and skill set, increase your creative output and learn how to develop stable revenue streams for your professional future.

Which Master’s degree should I choose?

Three dBs tutors creating a live performance using Eurorack synthesisers

MA Electronic Music Production

Our Electronic Music Production master's is perfect for graduates of music production or music tech degrees, as well as budding electronic musicians who have the relevant experience to qualify for the course. During this master's degree, you will be challenged to craft boundary-pushing music and learn concepts that will enable you to increase your artistic output and earn a living from your skills.

MA available on campus and online.
dBs tutor Kris Burton demonstrating some mixing techniques using the SSL Duality Delta

MA Music Production & Sound Engineering

By studying our Music Production & Sound Engineering master's, you will cultivate an advanced understanding of mixing and mastering processes, learning how to become a professional engineer and make a living from your expertise. You’ll also understand how to set up and execute commercial ventures and create an original major project which focuses on a specific area of music production. You will develop vital research and project management skills in the process.

MA available on campus and online.
A woman sets up her live setup at the Electronic Music Weekender festival in Plymouth

MA Innovation in Sound

The Innovation in Sound master's degree crosses the boundaries between music, sound and technology. This masters is designed to allow you to explore the full potential of your creativity and gives you the opportunity to tailor the course content to suit your own creative and career goals. Working collaboratively alongside academics and industry professionals, you’ll have the opportunity to make a real-world impact on the creative industries.

MA available on campus only.

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