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Alex Kearney


Outreach & Events Officer

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A portrait photo of Alex Kearney
A firm fixture in Plymouth's creative scene, Alex has created a multitude of personal and community projects that utilise his unique sonic voice.

What did you do before joining dBs?  

I'm currently studying the MA Innovation in Sound degree at dBs Plymouth. Outside of my studies, I am a sound artist (The 21 Gram Experiment) and lIve electronic music performer and producer.

Why did you first get into sound art?

While studying the BA (Hons) Electronic Music Production, I used my dissertation module to create a live theatre performance that saw me collaborate with multiple people across several disciplines, which directly led to working on the sound elements for some community-based art projects and then onto subsequent commissions. I gravitated towards sound art because I enjoy the freeform and abstract nature of its practice, but also how it can be highly conceptual. It can be hard to apply this in a more traditionally music-based practice.

Any special areas of interest?

I have a passion for hardware-based live performance, applying generative and aleatoric processes, the “violation of expectation” is a term used to describe not conforming to traditional compositional and performative techniques, and I try to run with this when I can.

What do you love most about what you do?

Being creative, in any of its forms, It’s a huge motivator and a passion of mine. To be able to start with a blank canvas and end up with 'something', be that a personal piece of art, a collaborative project or seeing something I’ve had a hand in come to fruition is immensely gratifying.

Tell us about your proudest career moment?

So far I would say my performance, 'Footwork in Flow' for my BA dissertation, which was at The Barbican Theatre and was a real collaborative process and showed me how to pull a project together. It was also where I started to develop my sound art practice.

Also playing Hellfest to 100,000 people was cool!

What do you get up to outside of your role at dBs?

I'm a freelance sound artist, collaborator and convention disruptor.

Tell us something our students may not know about you?

I have Chromaesthesia.

To be able to start with a blank canvas and end up with 'something'…is immensely gratifying.

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